Wild and Crazy Feast at Zlata Praha

May, 2010

Yahsu, ‘Nauts!

Up in the gentle rolling hills and lush woods of the Czech/Slovak countryside, far from the pastures and farms in the valleys below, Bambislav and Thumpor don’t quite live the Disney life. Not only has The Hunter taken the meadow, but with a nod to the rustic charm of Central Europe, he’s built a restaurant—replete with its own gift shop—there as well. So, this month we’ll shed a little tear and head into our own bucolic forest (Queens) to visit that proud shrine to all things Czech and Slovak called Zlata Praha.

The owner, Suchanek, proudly claims that his is the only Slovak and Czech restaurant in the city, and who are we to call out an armed Central European? He’ll prove it to us by cooking up a traditional game feast, featuring rabbits, wild boar, and all kinds of venison parts. Of course, we’ll wash it all down with ample pitchers of Staropramen and Gabrinus, served to us by Milli, his lovely wife. Hopefully, Milli will wear a dirndl for us—if not, you can see one on the wall along with the other vast collection of Czech themed knick knack. Seriously, did we mention there’s a gift shop? We particularly recommend the sweatshirt with the logo of the restaurant on the front AND a picture of Karel Gott on the back.

Karel Gott, if you don’t know (and you really, really should) is the Czech “Schlager” crooner from the 60’s. His last name means “god”…and by god he is just that: the God of Kitsch.

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But don’t come dressed like it’s a night in the woods. The Czech/Slovak look is more like black leather jackets and Caesar haircuts for the boys; lady of the night miniskirts for the girls. Points will be awarded for authenticity and effort. Oh, did we mention there’s a disco ball in the dining room? This one’s gonna go late and get ugly.


28-48 31st STREET 
(718) 721-6422

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